3 Perfect Compliments That Will Melt Her Heart

Sometimes as a man, you can express your love to the woman you love by telling her little words that you may think aren't worth it but mean so much to her. Although love is not built on words alone, there are certain words that will definitely melt her heart without any actions attached.

Some of these words are;

1. 'You are more important to me than you realize'

Importance; telling a woman how important she is in your life can make her fall for you than when you take her out for a week-long romantic date. You should time when her emotions are high when she is sensitive to any single word coming out of your mouth.

Make her comfortable and draw her close to you and let her know how much important she is to you. This will make her find a reason to stick to you.

2. 'You mean everything to me'

How can you react when somebody tells you-you mean everything to them? You will definitely feel good and special.

This is the same thing a woman feels when she hears these words, special. Besides making her feel that she is significant in your life, she will have an incline her self-worth.

3. 'We can make the best couple ever'

These words can as well melt a woman's heart especially the 'couple' part of it which will definitely mean marriage to her.

When she hears you say such words, at the back of her mind, she is waiting for the dee day when you will finally go on your knees and propose to her.

Women are special creatures who fall so deep when showered with sweet words and get really hurt when told hurting words.

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