How To Make Your Girl Feel Loved Through Text Message

With the hustle and bustle of today's world, you will not always be close to your woman in spite of that never-ending feeling to be with her all through.

However, you can still make it look like you are together through effective communication, precisely text messages.

If you are away from her, consider doing the following:

1. Text her when she least expects

You had told her that during the last two hours to supper you will be watching a football match. At this time she is not expecting your message or call. Step out of the match room, text her. "I really miss you, can I come home now?" She will know that you are always thinking about her no matter where you are; this will turn out to work in your favour.

2. Be unique in your texts

Try to break the monotony of the same old compliments she gets from everyone like she has a"good smile". Unique compliments will show that you value her more than other people do.

3. Remain true to your promises

You assured to text her when the meeting is over or when the match is over. Make sure that you don't forget to fulfill your promise before you get home. Let her know that you are reliable and that you keep your promises. This will make her feel special.

4. Send her well-compiled photos and videos of you two

In this era of smartphones, it is possible to create short videos that are attractive. You can also combine photos of the two of you having a good time together.

This will show her that you value the good times you share together and that she is special to you.

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