Four Courtship Rules All Ladies Should Know

Courtship provides you with an opportunity to know your partner better. During courtship, you should stick to the rules of the game. There are minor things women are tempted to ignore during courtship that they shouldn't. Here are four courtship rules all women should know.

1. Stay in control

Set the pace of the affair. Make things happen in the love life. Men like it when a woman makes most of the suggestions although not all of them. Set personal goals and share them with him.

2. Keep some information to yourself

Do not reveal everything about yourself too soon. Instead, keep some secrets. Let the man strive to know more about you. Telling him everything about yourself will make him not struggle to know you better.

3. Make him chase you

A woman should use the courtship period to give a man more reasons to chase her. Make the man realize you are the best thing that has ever happened to his life. Even you are not perfect, try to avoid silly mistakes that can make him think twice about your love life.

4. Don’t pursue him

Do not chase the man when he decides to withdraw. Instead, show him that life can go on without him.  This is one of the ways you can make a man realize your true value in the relationship.

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