Four Reasons Why Loving Someone So Much Kills The Love

Love is a gift beyond compare. However, you should love with limits. It is proven that too much love kills love. Some people often started taking us for granted when they realize they are loved. Here are four reasons why loving someone too much kills the love.

1. Too much love can breed contempt

Too much love can lead to boredom as well as breed contempt. Some partners reach a point where they stop appreciating the time they spend together with their loved ones. When this happens, the relationship is on the verge of breaking up.

2. It can lead to loss of freedom

Everyone wants freedom. When you love someone so such you might make then think you are denying them freedom to do some things. Give your partner some space to do what she or he loves.

3. No growth in the relationship

Too much love can make the relationship stunted. Sometimes we fail to see what we have until we take the same for granted. Your partner might do little to better himself or herself because of the excessive love given to them

4.  Stifles your independence

Independence is critical for growth. Lack of independence can occur when you love someone so much. You are likely to be asking them everything before making any decision.

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