Revealed: 3 Main Reasons Why Most Successful Women Are Single

It happens that there are a number of successful women who are actually single; some by choice while for others it's because of some reasons. Some of these wealthy women have everything but all they lack is love.

So what could make them stay single despite having every other thing? Read on;

1. They have less trust for men

This is actually the very first possible reason as to why such women have no men.

While finding true love might be on their minds, all they assume is that men will only love them for the money they have. They, therefore, choose to stay single than getting used and exploited.

2. Men fear to approach them

This is another very true reason as to why our abled young women stay single; fear by men to approach them.

Most men find it hard and complicated to approach such women as they assume they would be automatically rejected.

Well, this is the case sometimes but again not in all circumstances. Simply, wealthier women scare men away especially.

3. Most men fear to date wealthier women

It is nature of every man to want to always feel superior over the woman he loves.

This well explains why some successful women stay single for too long. It is because very few men will find the conditions fit when he marries a wealthier woman than he is.

Most men choose to marry or love women who score lower than them in terms of finances because it is under such conditions that they feel what it means to be men.

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