3 Things To Avoid In A New Relationship

Lovers break up and everyone ought to find a new better partner. It is everyone wish that this relationship will now last.

Rarely do they realize there are things they must avoid to increase chances of relationship melting each other's heart for long.

Starting a new relationship after breaking up is normally hard and tempting one to fall in wrong arms. In some cases, good partners are chosen. Here are some key Don'ts for a new relationship:

1. Never lie

You must stop lying immediately you find a new partner. Lying habit might have been the main cause for the previous break up. Value your new partner. Stop being dishonest. Honesty is the cornerstone of every relationship.

2. Never compare your new partner with your previous partner.

Comparing your ex with a new partner will not help you with anything but kills developing love. If you keep comparing, your mind will be stuck in previous making it hard to concentrate on a new partner. You parted with him/her and that means you should forget those funny and happy moments you spent.

Remember, when history calls, it has nothing new to offer. Nostalgic feelings kill your passion and affection to a new partner.

 3. Don't move too fast and avoid being clingy

When one finds a new partner, excitement and passion for him/her are too high. One starts to fantasize about the future. You want to meet the parents and get married. This is not right. Know your new partner deeply first. Don't be too fast.

Being clingy is not good. This means you are too needy. You now demand fashion clothes, house, car, name them. Your new partner will get scared. What do you expect? He/she might run away from you as fast as his/she is able to.

 Follow this three main don'ts and see your new relationship do best. Remember; stop lying, stop comparing your new partner with your ex, never be needy and finally don't move too fast.

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