Ladies - Three Questions You Should Avoid Asking The Man You Plan To Marry

A simple question can spark a fight in a relationship. A statement that might be an innocently inquiry can be the reason you will part ways with the man you wished to marry. Here are three question that should be avoided.

1. How was your ex like?

This can be a vital question for you as a woman. It can help you understand him better especially if his past relationship was serious and lasted for some reasonable time. However, you should avoid this question especially if your partnership is still young. You can choose to ask about specific events if he has narrated some to you.

2. Do you think we have enough sex?

Men easily misinterpret this question. He is likely to think you are questioning his bedroom prowess. In case he feels that your question is aimed at reminding him that he is not your fit in bed, he will initiate a breakup. He might think you are bored and will let you go get what you desire.

3. How much do you make?

The topic of money at early stages of your relationship will make him run away as early as he can. Most men will feel you are trying to gauge if they meet your standards. Other will even start thinking about future disagreements surrounding money. This will force them to leave.

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