How Slender Campus Ladies 'Show Off' Their Curves

University is stuffed with all types of campus divas who are an epitome of beauty.

Among them are the naturally slim and slender ladies who always experience difficulty while choosing the best outfit. However, you should not be left in a quagmire while deciding what to put on.

Here are some of the ways to rock on your slim body as the university divas do;

Pencil skirts and dresses

These skirts and dresses will never let you down as they draw your attractive curves. With the best choice of colour, pencil skirts and dresses will give you the best look to rock on your slender body. Striped pencil dresses and skirts are always an added advantage. You should, therefore, consider these clothes when you are slender.

Tying a belt

This is another secret that some of the slender female comrades are using to look curvy. A belt on your waist will make you appear curvy especially when putting on a long buggy dress. Through emphasizing on your tinny waist, the belt will build up a shape on your slim body.

Tuck-in shirts

Putting on skinny jeans with a tuck-in shirt will give you a fabulous look on your unusually slender body. Buggy tops will not go well with you and you should, therefore, avoid them unless you want to appear as if you are walking in a tent.

Crop tops

Since it might be challenging to tell where your waist ends when you are skinny, crop tops will show the attractive waist and spice up your looks. A ring on your navel is also an added advantage.

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