Abdulyasir Garba Calls Government Attention To Re-Construct Almajiri’s Structure Of Life

A sixteen years old Abdulyasir Garba who’s popularly known as the Kano State youngest;
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Called government attention to reconstruct the life formation of the Almajiri due to the kind of unbearable situation they live in. Below is the Article he wrote.
“Let me start by showing my depression to those parents whose names cannot be mentioned and whose identity cannot be called out. This article that you're about to read is a real life article without any fictional idea or imagination of my creativity. Nigeria, for a long time has been witnessing various forms of problems in it social system. There are many problems in Nigeria, for instance the breakdown of dollars, drug abuse, breakdown of religious fight, armed robber, student riots, Strikes and others. Our leaders are trying their best to wipe these obstacles out of our country. However, I guess something! The problems that lead to this crisis are not from our leaders, it is from we the people. Let me, if I may, challenge you before you start reading this article. Sit back and try for a moment to define to yourself   what life is?  How did abandoning our children’s affect our life, our society and life of other?  Former Nigerian president Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, in inaugurating the scheme, said “there were 10 million of such children(Almajiri) roaming the streets of mostly Northern cities.” How can a society develop without guaranteeing right to education to all its children?
I have read a statement which one writer stated that, without access to universal education, democracy is dumbocracy-the rule of ignorant, for the ignorant and by the ignorant-a scenario which Nigeria has dangerously close to enacting |(The above statement is displaying that without access to education then everything will be terminate.) Seeing our vast population, in the current parlance, human capital, we need to invest more in education if this country is to make a meaningful attempt at achieving national development.  Today many things has been going immorally due to forcefully lack of education  
     Today many parents take out their children to Islamic Schools, which are, refers to as “MAKARANTAR ALMAJIRAI” in Hausa language. It is a system whereby children   from different location are brought, for seeking Islamic knowledge. Almajiri in Islamic tradition is a word, which arose from the word Almajirudd, - people who move from one place or location to another looking for Islamic knowledge.
In a normal system when a child is brought, there are some certain rules to follow before a child is admitted.  These rules are (Base on my research)
AGE (A   child must be above seven years.)
VISITATION (Every parent should be visiting their  children)
HEALTH AND NEATNESS (Every parent is held with the responsibility of buying detergent, soap, cloth for the whole month if necessary for a year
FEDDING   (all parent are expected to be providing food for the children which will be cook at the “MALAM” house. For at least five month provision or year if available.  So that a child cannot be roaming in the street seeking for food to eat.

But today, I guess none of these steps are followed, nowadays children that are between the ages of 4 to 5 years are brought. Infact the main purpose that makes me to write this   article is simply because of a “ALMAJIRI CHILD” whose age is 5. Nobody cares about him, no one pay visits to check in which condition or situation he is, he is just kept like a dump.
In conclusion, I speak and beg for government to see them through, because there are citizens too and I do call on parent to know that A child is a gift from lord but why do we abandon then. Whenever I saw a child roaming in the street looking for food to eat, a question always comes to my mind, this question is “  All Almajiri’s  are human beings but why are they suffering, while they have parent and they are citizens of this country, then who is to blame the parent or the Government.?
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