Relationship: If He Can’t Tell You These 3 Things, He’s Wasting Your Time

Dating is not something you should rush into. A man should give you enough reasons to date him.

Some women waste their time on men only to realise they are not loved.

Be careful so that you do not end up a victim of circumstances. If he can’t tell you these three things, he’s wasting your time:

1. His future plans

 It doesn’t make sense to date a man without plans.

Make sure he outlines his plans before you decide to date him.

A good man understands that you deserve the best.

2.  How he feels

 Some men often hide their feelings. It is hard to date a man who never speaks out.

It will take you a lot of effort to understand what the man wants in life.

A perfect man will always be open with you in every circumstance.

Don't waste your time on a secretive partner.

3. What he loves most about you

 Do you know what your man loves most about you?

You need to know the one thing that makes you the best in his life.

He should let you know why he cannot leave you for another woman.

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