Intimate Talks: Never Do These 5 Things With Your Partner Before Marriage

Are you dating the woman or man of your dreams? There is nothing amazing like finding someone who understands you. However, you need to go slow as far as dating is concerned. There are some things that you should not share with your partner before you walk down the aisle. Here are 5  things you should never do with your partner before marriage

1. Being together all the time

Why should you be together all the time? There are many things you need to do before settling down. Give your partner space to do his or her things before the time for marriage comes.

2. Open a joint account

Opening an account with bae can be a good idea but wait until you are married. There are chances that you might end up breaking up. Go slow until the right time comes. Money matters need to be taken slow lest you end up in a bitter breakup.

3. Take each other for granted

Never take him or her for granted. Before marriage, your partner wants to know whether you are the right man or woman to settle down with. Respect your partner if you want to get the same back.

4. Not speaking about your fears in marriage

Communication is a pillar of success in marriage.Open up about your fears before you say yes I do. Let your man or woman address them before making the final move.

5. Compare yourself to others

Never compare yourself to others. You are unique in your own sense. Fight for life and love the way you know it. Comparisons can be misleading when dating.

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