Relationship: 5 Signs You’re Forcing Yourself To Love Someone

Love is a free gift and should come naturally. There are times we force things to happen in our favour. According to RelRules, things don't always work out in most relationships where only one person is committed. Here are signs you’re forcing yourself to love someone.

1. You make all the plans alone

Planning alone means you are alone. The other person does not care. It becomes an individual effort to make things work. Love is a two-way traffic.

2. You are the only one calling

Does your partner call you? How many times does he/she call you? If you are the only one calling, something is wrong somewhere. He or she should also call you daily for the relationship to work.

3. You keep confirming

If you keep asking him whether he loves you then things are not okay. Confirming your fears means the effort seems not to bear fruits. His actions are enough to keep the fire burning.

4. You are heartbroken

Do you feel heartbroken? Do you feel like you are walking alone? It might mean he or she is emotional unavailable. The relationship is doomed if you feel this way.

5. You don’t talk about the future

A good relationship is defined by future plans. If he or she rarely talks about the future, you are not meant to be. Find time to find out whether your partner really needs you in their life.

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