Revealed: How To Withdraw Money At ATM Location Without Debit Card

A few days ago, a young man in the city of Ibadan, Oyo State, Azeez Morufu, was arrested upon a report by ATM users that Morufu withdrew money from ATM without using a debit card.

According to report, Azeez Morufu was “ignorantly” caught withdrawing money from an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) belonging to one of the new generation banks located at Oba Adebimpe Road, Dugbe, Ibadan, without using a debit card.

It became news, and the social media went agog with the news of a man who cash out an unspecified amount of money without ATM card.

Do you know that Azeez Morufu may not have committed any offence?

How did he withdraw money without using ATM card?

According a detailed report of how to withdraw money without using debit card, says the process is called cardless withdrawal method.

“Cardless cash is the process of cashing out at any ATM location just with a dial of USSD code on your mobile phone without the use of your debit card.”

The guide says you must be in possession of the phone number linked to your bank account because a unique code will be sent to your phone via text message. The PIN sent to your phone will allow you to take your money.

According to InfomediaNG guide says Cardless ATM withdrawal was introduced in 2014 in the United States by Wells Fargo Bank.

The new technology allows bank customers to dial certain USSD code on their phone to withdraw money at ATM locations without inserting their debit card.

Since the technology came into Nigeria, there has been poor enlightenment by the financial institutions.

See the guide on how to withdraw money from ATM without using debit card like Azeez Morufu

How to withdraw money at ATM location without GTB Debit Card

Here is how to withdraw from your GTBank account without your debit card.

Step 1: Dial *737#

Step 2: Click the option that states cardless withdrawal. This option is available on No. 9 at the tine of putting this guide together.

Step 3: Two options pop up 1) GTbank (GT rescue) 2) Paycode

Step 4: Select the option that suits you. While we’re testing this out, we selected Option No. 1 (GT rescue)

Step 5: Enter the amount you want to withdraw, and click send

Step 6: Select ATM or POS

Step 7: Enter your 4 digit or your GTbank ATM card.

Cash out your money, that’s all

How to withdraw money at ATM location without Access Bank Card

Step 1: Dial *903# from your phone and select “Withdraw Money” option.

Select “ATM Withdrawal” option.

Step 2: Enter the Amount and validate the transaction with your PIN.

Step 3: You will receive a transaction code for successful withdrawal.

Step 4: Keep the code and visit any of our nearest ATM.

Step 5: Press ‘0’ to perform a cardless withdrawal.

How to withdraw money without UBA debit Card:

Step 1: Dial *919*30*Amount and follow the onscreen instructions.

Step 2: Go to the nearest UBA branch and use the ATM.

Step 3: On the ATM screen, select “Paycode Cashout”

Step 4: Enter the amount then select OK.

Step 5: Your transaction will be verified and your cash dispensed.

Without your debit card, you can use any of the cardless methods. Alternatively, work into the banking hall, if it’s working day, request a withdrawal slip, fill your details and you’re done.

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