3 Signs That You Are In A Fake Relationship

Like crops planted in the rainy seasons only, is a relationship that only stands when you are blessed or in a position to solve a need of an intrested party.

Many people fall in love with high expections that they are in a future destine relationship, not knowing that it could be  a glittering fake gold relationship.

Here are some of the ways in which you will easily know a fake relationship;

1. No personal details

Personal details always take the fore-front in relationship as it creates openness between partners,when a partner denies you to know her or his personal details ,their is high probability of a falling relationship as any secrets means the person is not ready for a long lasting relationship.

2. Lacks emotions

Emotions play a great role in relationship, it shows the attachment between the two of you. when he or she is not not emotionally attach to you, its most likely that you are forcing yourself into being with her or him,which will definitely come to an end when the season of pretends ends.

3. Will not always wait for 'dawn'

Many of this kind of pretending lovers will always stay with you for their own prescribe time then disappear from you life without a prior warning, when their time to leave comes ,they will always arose a minor misunderstanding and leave you for good.

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