Daddy Freeze, Reno Omokri React To The Arrest Of Blessing Okoro By Onye Eze

Blessing Okoro who has been on the news for quite some time after she flaunted a house belonging to one Onye Eze, claiming it belongs to her, was arrested while she went to the house to take more photos. Although she was released right there on the scene, but was heavily humiliated as she was put on handcuffs and filmed as she confessed that the house is not actually hers but however, she was just coming there to pose for the gram.

Ever since the video of her arrest surfaced online, a lot of Nigerians have reacted to it with divided opinions. Popular Nigerian OAP, Daddy Freeze, however feels that it is not right to put a woman through such level of humiliation and also revealed that the church is partly to blame for Okoro’s action.

Taking to his Instagram page, he wrote;

Even if she is wrong, I do not support putting a woman through this level of humiliation.

Join me today as I teach why the church is partly to blame for this.

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Also, Reno Omokri took to his social media page to react to the blogger’s arrest. He wrote;

Lying that you own a house that you don’t own is immoral and dishonest, but it is not a CRIME. The only CRIME I see here is the arrest, handcuffing and public harassment of Blessing Okoro. Who here, including me and Buhari, has not lied before?

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