[MUST READ] 3 Mistakes To Avoid When Charging Your Smartphone

A phone charging.

For every owner of  a smartphone, charging it regularly is an inevitable routine.

However, most of us make mistakes while charging our phones, which could potentially cause damage.

In an effort to keep your phone in good shape, here are three things you should avoid at all costs.

1. Avoid cheap chargers from unbranded manufacturers

While it's temping to buy a generic charger at a way cheaper price than the original one, it's always advisable to acquire the original one.

According to experts, cheap chargers often use low quality wires that not only damage your phone, but can also break easily and cause electric shock.

2. Avoid charging your phone when it's not on low battery

Constantly charging your phone before it's battery low shortens it's life span.

According to experts, it's advisable to charge your phone when it hits the 20% charge mark.

3. Avoid leaving your phone in its case while charging

Research has revealed that the battery tends to get warm when charging your phone.

Therefore, when the phone is in its case, this warmth can heat up and in the long run damage your phone.

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