Read How To End A Relationship The Right Way

You're in your first genuine relationship. However, you feel unsettled and need some time away from your partner.

You want to end the relationship but you have no idea how to go about it.

Here's how to properly end a relationship.

1. Be sure you want to end the relationship

After you have thought about all the reasons why you want to part ways, decide to totally end the relationship and proceed to the next stage.

2. Ask him/her to meet you somewhere calm and private.

You ought to treat your partner with respect even though you are planning to break up with them. Don't do it in front of family and friends.

If your partner is known to have violent outbursts, pick a public place such as a café or restaurant.

3. Stop contacting each other

If you have genuinely decided to end the relationship, you should stop contacting each. Avoid calling them or meeting up with them as this can rekindle the old flames.

4. Question yourself

What is it about the relationship that is making you so depressed?

It's important that you make this clear to your prospective ex so that they can understand why it is necessary to end the relationship.

5. Try not to trash talk your ex

Don't make negative remarks about your ex, and don't allow your friends to trash talk him/her either.

Instead, pursue the more responsible option of being respectful to them.

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