Shocking! Don't Bury Me In A Coffin, Student Rages In Suicide Note

A Masinde Muliro University student identified as Jared has left behind a 'shocking' suicide note.

Jared, whose whereabouts were still unknown at the time of publishing this article, issued two demands.

He asked not to be buried in a coffin.

"Do not bury me in a coffin. Just put me directly in the soil. If you never afforded to give me food, don't also afford to buy me a coffin," the suicide note read in part.

He also asked those who intended to attend his burial not to engage in the extravagance of buying expensive food.

The suicide note paints the picture of a student in the throes of depression.

In the hand-written note addressed to friends and relatives, Jared decried neglect and called out the hypocrisy of those around him.

A search by the university is ongoing to try to locate him.

The development comes in the context of growing cases of suicide occasioned by depression amongst young people.

Early this year, a twenty-nine year old man was found lifeless, dangling from the woodwork of a construction site at Moi University.

Scores of social media users shared the suicide note on the Masinde Muliro University students forum Facebook page, calling on those who are aware of his whereabouts to contact his family.

There have been concerns that universities in Kenya lack adequate capacity and structures to deal with depressed students.

Experts have called on the government to prioritise depression amongst young people by increasing funding to programs aimed at dealing with the issue.

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