Intimate Talks: 5 Important Conversations You Shouldn't Avoid In Your Relationship

It’s easy sometimes to just ignore certain issues in your relationship instead of facing them head-on and looking for ways to get solutions.

If you are the type of partner who shies away from confrontations, you’ll be doing yourself no good by allowing far too many things slide without being addressed.

If your partner suddenly starts showing traits and attitudes that are harmful to your relationship, it is really better to have a conversation about these things than ignore them and hope they’ll just go away like that. You can't wish these issues away.

Especially if you regularly feel any of the five things listed below, then you really need to seek answers from that partner or watch your relationship slip out of your grip.

These feelings and situations cannot be ignored:

1. Withdrawal

You find yourselves withdrawing from each other. The bond is no longer as strong and communication not as great. Choosing not to talk about this is not so good for your relationship.

2. Dwindling trust

You somehow find it hard to trust whatever your partner says anymore.

3. No one sees any good in them

Everyone of your friends and family see nothing good in him/her. They all can’t be haters. Maybe there really is something they are seeing that you are not. Don't just shrug it off. Maybe ask questions?

Choosing not to talk about some things may be the beginning of the end for your relationship.

4. Always selfish

They always look for a way to make you put their own needs first above yours. Always. You can’t ignore this.

5. Too many fights

You somehow find yourself keeping score of the bad things they did. And that’s because they just can’t seem to do right anymore.

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