What Motivated Me Was Nurturing Someone To Become Someone - Executive Director Ekiti Got Talent

In this interview with Olaoye Awesome, Executive Director Ekiti Got Talent, he reveals, the idea behind Ekiti Got Talent, challenges and motivating factor.

What's your name
My name is Olaoye Awesome

What's the idea behind Ekiti Got Talent
Ekiti got talent was born out to celebrate unique/ talented individuals within the state.

Tell us how its all started
Ekiti Got Talent was born out of passion to celebrate people within the state, its doesn't have age range,if you are talented in any form, its started last year and this year we are running the season 2, at prosperous hotel on 16th by 2pm.

What's have been your motivating factor
I was been motivated by a drive within me, am a multi talented instrumentalist an event planner and a show Biz person, I was actually located by someone via a platform, what motivated me was nurturing someone to become something via talent, alot of talent are outside but there is no platform to showcase them, I was given a platform by someone who located me, that's what is motivating me to also nurture someone to become useful in the society via his talent.

The Bible says the gift of a man, shall make way for him (Proverb 18:6), to give gifted youth and individuals within the state a platform to showcase their talent.

What have been your challenges towards the program
One of my major challenges via this event his lack of support and partners, whoever doesn't believe in your vision can not support you, you having a vision today, you must be believed by someone, we also lack finance, we wrote to a lot of firms but most of them will say they don't support event like this which suppose not to be so, low publicity, may be because of finance.

Tell us about Ekiti Got Talent season 2
Ekiti Got Talent season 2, I tagged it bring it on, like what are you bringing on, the potential in you, the name or motto was given to it, last year was tagged discovering raw talent.

Ekiti Got Talent season 2 is accompanied with a social merit award, to celebrate few talented individuals we have in the society and to also celebrate our sponsors.

Final words
What I have for every readers is that you are born to be great, there is potential in everyone, bring it on, and say what can I make use of as a man, without your occupation, without your academics, can you survive the storm of life. Thank you

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