Expect A lot Of Surprises From Me - Jim Divine

In this special feature, we have Vincent Chinazo Divine popular called Jim Divine, who is set to launch into the music industry and release his debut track.

What's your name?
Vincent Chinazo Divine.

How did you discovered your talent?
I discovered it in church, though my dad is a singer and he influenced me a lot when it comes to music.

What's your parent reaction when you started singing?
My parents are 100% supportive but where I seem to have a little bit of problem with them is the genre.

Are your dreams really valid in Nigeria?
Sure it is, though I'm not a dance hall king  but I believe that lots of people are going through a lot in this country and they need something to keep them going and this will be given to them through music that suits any particular situation they found themselves.

Tell us about your genre of music?
My music genre is alternative same as the genre of mavin finest *Jonny drille*. Most times this kind of genre is accompanied by beats produced with local Nigerian instruments, as singer of this genre I can sing any kind of song ranging from inspirational to love songs depending on the mood.

What's have been your motivating factor and who are the people supporting Jim Divine?
First of all, I will thank God for given me the talent. My friends Victor and Philip, these two guys are good in what ever they do and they take it seriously and they have been a source of motivation. And for my supporters, I will start with my friends, my colleagues and my 7 year old cousin who believe that I'll be on the TV one days singing, whenever she's watch soundcity with me and I don't want to disappoint them.

What should people be expecting from Jim Divine?
They should be expecting a lot, I'm new so they should be expecting a lot of surprises.

When are you quitting music?
Music came with me to this world and I will do it till I'm gone.

Who is the top artiste you look up to?
Johnny Drille.

Final words?
Whenever you discovered you like something or you do that particular thing with ease don't relent that's your path follow it diligently.

Social media handle
Facebook: Jim divine
Instagram: jim_divine1
Twitter: Jim divine

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