Intimate Talks: Why Love Fades In A Relationship

It is said that it is easy to fall in love than to stay in love.

When you meet that special person, there is a sweet sensation that runs through your body, and it goes on and on that you never want the fire to burn out.

There is that chemical roller coaster inside your brain and the level of your hormone adrenaline goes up when you are around that person.

But unfortunately, the feeling is drowned and things change.

You notice a halt in communication, there is rarely a topic of discussion, you both hardly spend time together, and now the spark is all gone.

At this point, you begin to imagine and ask questions like ‘’what have I done’’ my partner does not love me again? You feel insecure and wonder ‘’is my partner cheating?” with your heart filled with so much burden that you can hardly express.

Our correspondent spoke to the married and singles on their take on the matter and here are some amazing responses.

Mrs Gloria medically speaking said, ‘’When you fall in love, the level of the serotonin hormone appear to drop which might explain just why you can’t stop thinking about your crush.

“However around a year after falling in love your level of serotonin should be back to normal, and this causes Love to fade.”

Another respondent, Mr Damilola said, ‘’In a relationship, if one person is bringing more to the table compared to the other there would surely be loopholes in the area of care, thus disrupting trust and grooming insecurity, which most times makes them not to feel the vibes again.’’

Miss Timi speaking from experience said, ‘’Of course, there are some expectations in a relationship. For example, I expect love, attention, and support from my mate. But sometimes these expectations go unfulfilled making me feel lonely and neglected sometimes. I bet if this continues, in the long run, I would no longer have so much feeling towards him’’.

Dealing with the misconceptions people have towards love, Miss Esther said, ‘’love fades because most people were not in love in the first place; they just want a fairy tale.

‘’most of them were in love with the idea of love not knowing that love hurts so it’s hard for them to make the choice to pick the kind of pain there are willing to take.’’

Mr Mignon, speaking to our correspondence said, ’’I think love lowers in a relationship because most relationship moves from normal passionate love to long-term attachment. So if you lose passion in something, then automatically that stuff starts fading in your mind’’.

He further said, ‘’this could lead to a breakup if the love does not get balanced. Love fades with time when the people involved choose to allow it to.’’

Meanwhile, one of the respondents, Mr Jerry, believes that there is no such thing as a fade in love as far as it is a ‘’good relationship’’.

Asked about his definition of good relationship, Jerry said ‘’it is one where love is the centre of attraction in the first place and also a zone of friendship.’’

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