Intimate Talks: 3 Reasons Why People Lose Interest In Relationships

It is quite painful for a couple that sacrificed much of their resources to together suddenly display a lack of interest towards each other.

This can be distancing yourself far from the other partner, hurting each other or change of personality.

It is quite important to remain keen on the positives that made you stay together other than focusing more on the negatives that led to the loss of interest.

Sudden loss of interest in a relationship can be attributed by factors such as:

1. There was no love

Some people rush to having a relationship just to lustfully fulfil their desires. This makes them lose interest because the love was just not there in the first place. The romance and energy devoted to the relationship at the beginning fade off leaving no choice other than to move out.

2. They have just changed

Some people can change and start seeing things completely different. This makes them lose interest in the other person for no apparent reason.

3. They have met someone else

Some people lose interest immediately after meeting someone else who when they compare them with the partners they have, they notice or feel they are not the same. This makes them wish to move on and start another relationship.

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