Intimate Talks: 3 Things To Text Your Girlfriend Whenever You Miss Her

It is also good to sometime justify your confession as to why you think you miss her. [Source/]

There are times in your relationship when you can’t be with your girlfriend even if you wanted to.

Situations force us to sometimes stay far from our partners which results in one missing their significant other.

However, for men, here are some of the text messages that one can send to his girlfriend just to tell her how much they miss them.

1. Tell her how something cute reminded you of her

There is a chance that you’ve seen a lot during the day that made you miss her. Nonetheless, for you to make her happy, send her just one thing, let’s say a picture of the thing that reminded you of her.

2. Text her why you miss her so much

It is good to justify your confession as to why you think you miss her by giving her a believable reason as to why you miss her.

3. Text her after a long day and tell her why you wish she was around

After a had and long day at work, the best feeling is to go back to the arms of that person that you love. In this case, just text her and narrate to her all what you had to face during the day and how you miss getting back to her.

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