Never Do These Mistakes When You Run Into Your Ex

Coming across your ex at a party, in a street or even in a work-related event can be awkward for most people, for others it could even prove devastating and disastrous.

History shared and feelings felt do play a big role at that moment.

These feelings could be positive or negative, depending on the circumstances surrounding the break-up.

Here is a short list of things you should never do when you run into your ex:

1. Do not panic

This happens even to the best of us, feelings of either excitement or resentment always overwhelm us. Without control and composure, you might make a fool of yourself.

2. Don't be petty

Dredging up the past or avoiding your ex completely is both childish and petty. At least say hello, if nothing else and gauge their response. Be the bigger man, be the better man.

3. Do not feign affection

As much as you should try to be nice to your ex, you also do not want to dish out any mixed signals. Be real and authentic in a cool manner.

4. Do not presume their gestures

If there are deep history and connection with certain residual feelings on both sides, it could be easy to misread the situation or be presumptuous about their affection toward you.

5. Do not get carried away

Overstretching the conversation unnecessarily could make it stale and more awkward. Try to be short and precise in the moment. Remember it was unexpected, you aren't under any pressure to engage.

6. Do not apologize

Apologies have a way of opening emotional flood gates. Unless you're well prepared to handle the resulting emotional tsunamis and possibly a few psychotic whirlwinds, it would be wise to stay clear of this trap.

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