Buhari's Alleged Second Wife: Nigerians React

Nigerians on Twitter have reacted to President Buhari’s alleged plan to get married to Sadia Umar Farouq, the current Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development , as alleged.

@adeyanju tweeted:

I just heard the president is getting married on Friday.

@olumikemfr tweeted:

Prior to the 2015 elections, Tinubu allegedly went to Aisha Buhari to atleast try to make up for past times and play the role of the first lady. They were already seprated before, she tried her best Buhari had lady issues and 99+ problems.

@j_odoeze tweeted:

Everything is just supporting Nnamdi Keanu’s “Jubril el Sudani”. A second one to Jubril, best way to set Aisha free. These canals are not even hiding anything anymore…We are just daft as a people. No we are not daft. We are STUPID. Lol

@HenryDurojaiye tweeted:

This cabal ruling us are actually so strong. To push Aisha aside and make Buhari marry Sadia is worth commending

@oprosper tweeted:

As Aisha no gree make him chop her work again nko? “man must wak” please let him find another.

@rizzza tweeted:

This is Jubril getting Married again under our korokoro eyes yet we pretend not to see..

@Popsyno tweeted:

I hope he’s going to pay the 7.5% VAT on her bride price?


True or not, a Governor has 3; and if true “African men” always NEED someone to “keep them warm and cosy” esp in old age. Even the Bible recorded David had one, her name was Abishag. Read 1kings 1 vs 1-4.


Now this man won’t try to take care of the problems this country is facing, to marry another wife is only what he’s targeting at.


Meet your incoming first lady, her name is Hajia Sadia Umar Farouq, the current Minister for Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management, #AISHA Buhari, the wife of General has been out of Nigeria for about two months now. Both are set to tie the nuptial knot soon. #Buhari

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