Nigerian Twitter Users React To OAPs Caught On Camera Mocking Tiwa Savage

The sensational songstress had visited the radio station as part of her radio tour for an interview and after she left, the three OAPs talked about her not writing her own songs and profiting off other people’s songs.

In their conversation, they also insinuated that Yemi Alade is a better artist than Tiwa Savage. She reacted to the video by sharing it online and also telling them that she hopes they are able to keep the same energy when they see her in person.

The Nigerian social media space especially microblogging platform, Twitter has since gone into a frenzy following the release of the video. Scroll below to check out the reactions of Nigerians to the episode.

Monarch Simbul Zaddy@Immortal_Teddy

So Tiwa went to CityFM for her radio tour
And after she left the OAPs were slandering her
But they forgot to turn off the cameras
Tiwa just posted the video on her IG

Monarch Simbul Zaddy@Immortal_Teddy

For those who can't hear, summary of the thing was
Tiwa’s a fool.
Tiwa can’t write and she’s blowing with other people’s songs


I don't understand why Tiwa recieves this much hate
Even if she can't write her songs
Are they too stupid to realize that blowing other peoples song is actually PR
So far she's making money from it


Everyone going apeshit about those OAP's back talkin Tiwa, I would fire the person who leaked that video FIRST! I'd fire n then whoop his/her ass. Every1 is allowed an opinion n they did in the privacy of their workspace.

Port Harcourt most handsome™ (Lagos most Adored)@laurelchinedu

Women are their own personal problem & only little love exist among some women. Ever wonder why some ladies keep more male friends than female friends. So much competition/back-stabbing or gossiping between high-profile women just to get attention. Forgive them Tiwa @TiwaSavage

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Those OAPs eh Me am just here waiting for the council of Elders to wakeup in the morning Dem go knw say Tiwa nor be beans.

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Let’s be truthful....they have represented their brand which is 105.1FM in a wrong way, that alone warrants a dismissal. In other climes/countries this would be outright dismissal effective immediately!


I agree they did.....but why fire them is tiwa above being talked about in any form or way I’m lost...i love tiwa but what I’m not getting is this desire and interest in firing someone cause they talked bout her music.....

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Tiwa is the female version of Wizkid, just that she doesn't have big fan base like wizkid.
People hate her for no reason just like they hate wizkid


Only way out for them now is for Yemi Alade to open her own radio station tomorrow and employ them. Because, these ones, ishe ti tan. Dem go trend tomorrow and people go request for their heads. And Tiwa is powerful AF. See, they're fucked. So wrong!!!

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